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People have being going missing along a single stretch of highway out in the wilderness what grizzly fate have they met. Several months after the disappearance of a 3rd man a police officer stumbles upon what may have happened to them.

Created for the Unreal Engine 2020 Spring Game Jam


whiteout-windows.zip 2 GB
Version 2 32 days ago


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I really enjoyed this game, it made it into my 3 Scary Games bit which it came as the first game.  <3 


I like the concept of it, but it's very short.  It's also kinda hard to tell what's happening.   


Honestly, for two-three minutes and two gigs, there is much better out there. I felt like I was going blind from the motion blur. For people claiming its scary and whatnot, please... Stop. If you want to be Marki-derp and jump back at every noise and sight, do it, but anyone watching this game can see that there's no bite to it.

This was interesting, the atmosphere was there, just wished it was a bit more fleshed out.

I just played Whiteout and I thought it was really good!
Well done! I only wished it was a little bit longer, I was just getting into it.

starts at 11:12

Really cool horror game I liked the atmosphere and the setting for this game!  At 4:05 is when I start playing this game. 

It lagged pretty bad but that was just my computer, I also brightened the end in post and it shows me falling out of the map

Darn, I thought I fixed the harry potter rock :)

Okay, but why so little? Will it continue ?

Great short little game, some how explosion still got me (perhaps I scare easy?) I'm super intrigued by the story of why things are happening now, hopefully there is a long form version of this game.


Game was extremely short, but I did get a good laugh from the tree that stopped the car lol. Thanks for creating.



It was made for a Game Jam so I was on a bit of a time crunch, Damn those super resistant trees :) Thanks!

SKIP TO 26:40!!!


I appreciate your feedback, all of which is totally understandable, it was for a Game Jam which is why it was shorter and there wasn't a lot of explanation, anyway Thanks for Playing!

Fire traps... Ice Prisons.... What did we stumble upon? D: And is there more to explore?

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Thanks for making this game Darth! I really hope you can continue it, made me quite curious if the fire had anything to do with the disappearing of the person, really good! So I say: "Don´t touch the fire!"

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Thanks, I plan on continuing it. was made for a Game Jam so it had to get cut a bit short.


is that it? :)

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Yeah, Game jam time crunch lol... For now

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Cool game, way too short but great and very interesing use of small cutscenes. The audio was also fantastic, really creeped me out. I found a spot where you can leave the map, might wonna patch that up :)

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Thanks, and it was for a game jam which is why it was relatively short, the hole has been patched. 

Amazing game dev :D i wish it was longer , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


The graphics could be better, the tieling on the ground specifically is pretty bad and the trees look nice but the placement of them makes it look really obvious that they're only there to stop you from going out of bounds. aside from that and the camera movement being a bit to exaggerated during cutscenes its a pretty good demo but im curius why its 1gb given how short it is.

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Yeah, the tiling for the grass in the second part was pretty bad, and I completely agree with the tree comment (a lot of the reason being a result of my computer not having the best time handling the textures and whatnot), The main reason it was such a large file was due to the megascan assets and the likes, I certainly could have done a better job optimizing them. Thanks for your feedback and for playing it.